Wanted to Buy
This is the WANTED TO BUY section, and these are the rules. If you don't like them, post somewhere else.

1. Your Information:
Your email address MUST be correct in your profile. If it is not, and we get a bunch of bounce messages, we'll lock your account.

2. Subject of Post:
This is the WANTED TO BUY section, so you don't need to start your subject line with lame-ass stuff like WTB, WB, WANTED, or the like. Your subject line should summarize what you are looking for, preferrably including year, make, generation, etc., when applicable.

3. Information:
Make sure your post has all the information needed to come up with a seller accurately. What is the part name? What year? New or used? If used, how used is acceptable? What size? Condition of parts? Method of payments you offer? Roughly what you're looking to spend?
You can never have too much information.

4. Bumping:
Bumping, or replying to your post, or having a buddy reply to your post, to bring it to the top of the list, is not allowed.
Allowable Replies Include:
- follow-up to questions asked, requests made, or related to the item in question that you're seeking
- addition of relavent information (as perhaps gathered by answering questions privately)

5. Replies:
Replies asking intelligent questions, are just fine.
Replies asking questions that have already been answered, are not. Please read all info before replying.
Exceptions, will be made for older 'dead' threads... as this is quite normal for the 'wanted' section.

6. Updates:
When you have bought the item, please reply to your post to show it as FOUND. This will save yourself from unwanted Emails and PM's, and save some of the rest of us digging through parts bins, trying to help you out!

...and lastly, there no telling where your post will go if you don't follow the rules... and likely WITHOUT WARNING...
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