Okay so iv been rebuilding my 95 talon for a little while now. I just got the engine and everything back in it and hooked up over the past few weeks. I have a motor from a 97 talon and the camshaft position sensor is on the other side of the engine. I realize that between the 2ga and 2gb the camshaft position sensor was moved from the drivers side of the engine to the passenger side of the engine and that it is an inverse signal.

How would i go about hooking up the spark plugs and injectors?
I do not have ECM link so its not as simple as check marking the inverse signal box. The ECU is the original 95 ECU that came with the car. Currently i have the plug wires from cylinders 1 and 4 into the coil for 2 and 3. also the plug wires from cylinders 2 and 3 into the coil for 1 and 4.

Also i had to make my own connection for the CPS because i did not have a 97 CPS connector, so im just curious as to if the red wire goes to pin 1 blue to pin 2 and black to pin 3. pin 1 being the bottom of the CPS connection on the CPS and pin 3 being the top.

Thanks in advance

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