hi, I've tried multiple things but cant seem to figure this out and was hoping some one could help me out. i have two problems with my 93 talon tsi.

#1 most of the gauges in my cluster stopped working and the maft stopped responding about a month ago haven't driven it since. the gauges that don't work= rpm, oil pressure level, fuel tank. coolant and speedometer still work. cell codes 12 and 25 were popping up with the maft. i disconnected it and installed an apexi avcr and now im getting cell codes 12 and 13. the rpm, inject, throttle aren't reading on the avcr and everything is connected right. I was thinking it might be the ecu or a short in the wiring somewhere but the wires seem to be ok.

#2 cooling system, the car used to overheat after 15-20 mins driving on the highway, I've replaced the thermostat, water pump, radiator, upper + lower rad hoses, flushed the coolant and did a pressure test. None of the above helped smirk

thanks in advance

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