Big announcement today folks. I am officially retiring soon.

I have made a handshake deal and gone through the process of meeting with my accountant and now waiting on papers to be drawn up for the official sale and transfer of Buschur Racing, Inc to James J Siebert of F&S Motorsports.

I started this adventure back in 1989 just playing with and making parts for my own Eagle Talon. Through passion and long hours I grew this into a multi-million dollar per year business and I can say up until a few year ago, didn't work a day of this 28 year ride I've been on.
I've met some of the most incredible people on the planet through the business and cars and unfortunately some of the worst. My passion has been depleting for some time and Buschur Racing has been in limbo because of it.

James is young and driven, he wants to grow Buschur Racing to new heights that I never even wanted to reach! It's truly an exciting time for the shop. We will be remaining in the same location with the same group of great guys I have here, Ted Harrison, Nick Ryan and Mike Lester. The only thing that will be changing is the attitude of the owner!

I will still be doing the tuning here and intend to grow my mobile tuning business, the rest of my time will be spent working on a new house we've been building and enjoying my next 51 years. I will also be here to consult, as James has asked me to, as needed.

Thank you all for all your support for 28 years!

99 Eclipse GST RIP
08 Evolution GSR 440HP/410TQ
11.96 @ 116 MPH(more to come)